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What to Look for in a WordPress Security Solutions Provider

The fact that there are so many WordPress security solutions and providers out there makes picking one right for your needs a challenging process. There are many areas of concern a security solutions provider needs to deal with. You, therefore, have to be keen on the kind of provider you choose. Here are the things you have to be most keen on in your search.
There is need for you to find out how to pick the best security solutions provider. When you interact with one, check for certain things. One of them is their technical expertise. You need to deal with a company that knows what it is doing. Their technical team should comprise of individuals who can get to the bottom of any technical challenges posed by your site. They should know how to inspect, detect, and fix any security vulnerabilities in your site. They should also be aware of any recently discovered security flaws in WordPress websites, and the right solutions in each case.
Regular backups should be part and parcel of the service package. They should keep such backups in offline servers. In case of a successful attack on your site, they should have a copy of your data, to bring it back online fast after neutralizing the threats. They need to keep those backed up files well organized, and in a different server from the one running your live site.
They cannot miss a fast and efficient notification system. You need to get live alerts via SMS or email. They need to let you know of any available updates, file changes, failed logins, and any suspicious activities. You should also receive a weekly or monthly report as per your preference. It should not be a struggle to receive their notifications in any location or device.
They should also get on with the scanning and logging services. Scanning helps them point out any threats to the site. It is how they get to know of malicious code, malware or a backdoor in the system, and such. The scanning should cover the entire server files and database data and produce a report on the findings. They also cannot miss a log of such actions. It helps to confirm when files were changed, edited or deleted by some nasty script.
Updates are also critical services. Updated software and websites are more secure. There is a need to keep all plugins, themes and the system itself updated. Updates usually include security improvements recently discovered, to help keep the site secure. New versions of the system will, therefore, have better security.
When you keep these tips in mind, you will easily identify a security solutions provider who is right for your needs.

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